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christmas time stains on carpet

The 12 Carpet Stains of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year spent with family and friends; and making memories that last for many years to come.

With all the parties, family gatherings, and holiday festivities, there are unique and unexpected spills and stains that occur on your carpet this time of year that can cause permanent stains and problems if you don't tackle the problems immediately, or avoid them altogether.

As a professional carpet cleaner, I've spent years running into some of the worst messes and stains the occur around Christmas time. This is why I've compiled a list of 12 common holiday problems for carpets, so you'll be aware of them, and you can prevent stains on your carpet this holiday season.

Holiday Drinks

With all the holiday celebrations and family gatherings, the likelihood of spilling your tasty festive drinks onto your carpets increases significantly. Between a holiday wine or a cozy cup of eggnog, there's a risk that these drinks may fall and find themselves seeping into your carpet.

No matter how pigmented the spill may be, there is a very strong likelihood that almost any drink stain can be removed, especially if you act fast when the spill is fresh.

Candle Wax

Using candles to create a warm, ambient environment for your family and guests can be one of the most welcoming feelings during the holidays.

Unfortunately, there are times where the falling wax is left unsupervised and, as a result, finds its way falling onto your carpet.

Luckily, there are multiple ways in which candle wax — and any residual color transfer that may be present — can be removed from your carpet with professional products and procedures.

Christmas Tree Skirt

One of the staples for holiday decorations can be adding a skirt around the family tree. In most cases, this skirt is there to prevent damage to the flooring beneath it, but occasionally there can be an unexpected risk to your carpet.

Color transfer can occur from the skirt of the tree to your carpet. The risk of transfer occurs when the tree's skirt comes in contact with water while resting on the carpet fibers. While this type of stain may not be as common as the others, it is still important to be aware of the potential transfer.

Ice Melt

It's not too common on the coast, but when the weather occasionally gets very cold, there is a possibility that neighbors or public safety departments may use de-icing agents or "salts" or other solvents on sidewalks and walkways to prevent ice from forming.

While these chemicals are effective in preventing the build up of unwanted ice, they could cause unexpected damage within your home when you carry them in your house on your shoes.

In small amounts, your carpet should have no issues withstanding any potential damage. But if left over a long period of time, carpet fibers can be worn down and the look of discoloration increased.

Sap From Your Christmas Tree

Real Christmas Trees can bring a special holiday feeling to the household, but families often forget that the sap and pine needles coming from your holiday tree can cause sticky and unexpected damage to their carpets.

It is important to try and mitigate any potential pine or sap transfer to keep your carpets looking their best.

Wrapping Paper Color Transfer

Wrapping paper — one of Christmas' biggest staples — tossed to the side on the floor after an afternoon of unwrapping gifts can leave your carpets with unexpected color transfer.

Similar to the skirt of the Christmas Tree, wrapping paper accidentally exposed to water or any kind of liquid can bleed into your carpets and leave a color stain that was never expected.

Craft Supplies

While crafting with friends and family can create memories for years to come, the supplies used can leave your carpets looking dirty and distressed. Glue, glitter, paint, and other supplies can leave your carpet in need of professional help.

Always try to lay down a protective barrier between your carpet and any crafting supplies to prevent crafty messes that may lead to the need for special cleaning.

Candy Canes

Sweets, candies, and baked goods are some of my favorite parts of Christmas. Unfortunately, these sticky sweets can find their way onto your carpet.

Between the stickiness of a half-eaten candy cane, or the bright-colored dyes in your desserts, your carpets can become a stained and sticky mess.

New Pets on Christmas

Christmas seems to be the time in which people choose to give animals as presents to their family.

While having a new pet may be heartwarming and exciting, it can cause numerous issues for your carpets.

Between pet poops, vomit, and urine, your new pet puppy or kitten can end up taking a toll on your carpet.

Holiday Food

Similarly to the threat that desserts pose, some holiday foods are equally as dangerous to your carpets if spilled.

Cranberry sauce, gravy, and other delicious parts of your meal can leave you trying to lift multiple types of stains off your carpet at some point.

Fireplace Soot

Whether you have a fireplace, light candles, or burn incense, there is the risk that your carpets can come into contact with soot from an extinguished flame.

If left untreated, the soot and ash can become embedded into the carpet fibers. Make sure to avoid treading on any fallen soot, and vacuum regularly around the areas in which soot may be present.

Santa's Footprints

Although we're pretty sure that Santa wipes his feet before stepping on your carpet, we're not sure if your family members and guests do. So, on the highest traffic areas of your carpet (and on the path from the Chimney to the Christmas Tree), you may want to put temporary rugs or plastic carpet coverings to prevent the worst of the wear from wintery footprints on your carpet.

Let us help!

Prevention is more important than treatment. We hope that this list will help you become aware of the unique hazards to your carpet that Christmas time can pose.

But if any of these stains occur, feel free to reach out for professional carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Some of the toughest stains can come from the holiday season, but here at Flawless Cleaners I have specialty solutions, tools, and state-of-the-art equipment to get even the toughest stains out of your carpets.

Whether you need me before the festivities take place, or after the family has left — feel free to get in touch with me.

I offer free consultations over the phone. If you have any questions or concerns, give me a call when you're ready, so you can feel confident booking stain removal or your next full deep-cleaning appointment for your carpets.

Merry Christmas to all!

To your clean and healthy home!

~ Raymond Romero, owner
Flawless Cleaning Systems
Salinas, Monterey, Carmel, Gilroy CA

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