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Even if you vacuum your carpets regularly, debris, odors and stains can become deeply embedded in the fibers and carpet pad. Deep steam carpet cleaning releases stains and odors, allowing them to be extracted for a more restorative clean. Plus, unlike harsh chemical cleaning processes, steam cleaning is a warranty-approved method for cleaning carpets!

Furniture Upholstery

Is your chair or couch feeling a little stale? Is your drapery looking a little unkempt or dirty? Upholstery cleaning in Salinas, CA is a great way to refresh the core elements of your living space, removing dirt, dust and allergens to restore the freshness throughout the room.

Pet Odor

Replacing carpet after a pet accident is costly and unnecessary. Let us apply proven extraction techniques to absolve your carpet of pet stains. We use environmental, pet-safe chemicals diluted in water to completely remove all staining, smells and lingering bacteria from the area. In tough cases, we can do partial carpet replacements to keep your costs low.

Tile & Grout

Don’t spend hours and hours on your hands and knees trying to clean out your tile and grout. Leave it to us! Our proven cleaning processes will extract buildups from your grout and make your tile gleam beautifully once again.


Say goodbye to streaks and water spots on your windows! We hand-squeegee windows to make sure the results are streak-free and absolutely perfect. No matter the size of your panes or the location of your windows, count on us to make sure every square inch of them sparkles.

Water Damage

Water damage will linger if it’s not taken care of properly. We bring the equipment and knowledge necessary to properly extract water from flooded homes. Let us help you stop mold growth and rot before it ever has a chance to begin. We promise to leave your home restored—no humid smells, water stains or damages.

Commercial Janitorial

Whether you’re looking for a one-time commercial upholstery cleaning in Salinas, CA or you need daily, weekly or monthly subscription cleaning services, we’re ready to provide them. Our service contracts can be tailored around your needs and include all of the services your place of employment may require, including deep steam carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery/furniture extraction, window washing and more.

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